Entry #8

I'm still alive! Infact...

2012-04-15 00:48:31 by MrTranquility

I doubt many people are paying attention, but to anyone who reads this. I'm still producing instrumentals and I'm currently in the process of producing a collaborative EP so... if you're interested in hearing something new and original from two underground producers follow me on twitteror reverbnation and of course don't forget facebook

Anyhoozle... I've got a few other projects in the works in the works I can't really elaborate on at the moment, but you might be hearing my music on more than Youtubeand Newgrounds Oh... and the next project after the EP will have a bit of an eastern flavor - that's all I can say at the moment.

To tide you over until then... Here's something chilly:


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2013-07-06 03:58:35

checking on your stuff wow It sounds good real relaxing like something I would listen to if im doing homework or something that's not to noisy


2015-12-17 13:06:54

Um also if anyone cares this guy is called OddBaul now on soundcloud